Young Professionals Support Committee

Carolyn Aboubechara
  • Carolyn Aboubechara
  • Diana Ayoub
  • Rayan Chahwan
  • Julie Daccache
  • Nazih Khater
  • Mira Khoury
  • Julie Lattouf
  • Charbel Moarbes
  • Charles-Henri Moarbes
  • Marwa Nouhra
  • Rita Saikali
  • Fady Talj

Young Professionals Support Committee


o    Carolyn Aboubechara, CA

o    Attorney Diana Ayoub, CA

o    Rayan Chahwan, DC

o    Julie Daccache, NC

o    Nazih Khater, M.D., CA

o    Mira Merhi Khoury, DC

o    Julie Lattouf, MA

o    Attorney Charbel Moarbes, DC

o    Charles-Henri Moarbes, CA

o    Marwa Nouhra, FL

o    Rita Saikali, CA

o    Fady Talj, MD

Carolyn Aboubechara, CA

Lebanese American, born and living in Sacramento, California, Carolyn Aboubechara works for the CA State Treasurer’s office and has a BS and an MBA degrees both with an emphasis in Finance. She is currently the elected Chairperson of the Council of Our Lady of the Rosary Church, a new Maronite Catholic Church in Sacramento, after previously having been the elected Secretary of the Council for four years. Carolyn is a graduate of the Maronite Academy, Class of Georges Frem of 2013.


Diana Ayoub, D.D.S., CA

Diana Ayoub lives in Los Angeles. She has been an active member of many organizations dedicated to serving Lebanon, and its people. Diana is one of the co-founders of the Lebanese Collegiate Network, a non- profit organization that was built to connect and develop University Lebanese Clubs, as well as young professionals. Diana currently serves as a NAM Delegate, representing her home Parish, Our Lady of Mount Lebanon, in Los Angeles. Diana is an attorney, admitted to practice law in California.


Rayan Chahwan, DC

Born and raised in Lebanon, Rayan graduated in 2013 from the American University of Beirut, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Rayan was and still is a distinguished athlete, captaining various competitive sports teams while developing managerial skills, leadership skills and discipline. Soon after graduating, Rayan sought to consolidate his knowledge through various internships spanning most fields of the financial sector, including commercial, investment, and private banking. Rayan felt the need to further develop his skill-set by pursuing a specialized master’s degree in Finance, which he accomplished by enrolling in the M.S. in Finance at the George Washington University. As a current student, expected to graduate in August 2015, Rayan decided to make the best of his stay in the US by getting as much exposure and experience as possible. Currently working as a graduate and research assistant at GWU, Rayan also hopes to contribute positively towards this greater cause, broadening his experience with all this opportunity has to offer.


Julie Daccache, NC

Julie Daccache, a student from the 2014 Maronite Academy honoring the great Antoine Choueiry, was born in El Nammoura, Lebanon and moved to North Carolina, U.S.A. at the age of 9. She is currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro pursuing an International Business degree. She plans to use that degree and work for the United Nations in the future. Even though she lives in the United States, Lebanon holds her heart. Her goals are to one day live, work, and raise a family in our home country. She is excited and honored to be a part of such a great program with the CLFW. She believes that together we will make a great impact on Lebanon's future.


Nazih Khater, M.D., CA

Dr. Nazih KHATER is a Urologic Surgeon, currently an attending surgeon in the Los Angeles area, California. He holds a full Unrestricted California Medical Board License to practice medicine. He was born in Paris, then came back shortly afterwards to Beirut where he was raised; after finishing school at the Jesuit “College Notre-Dame de Jamhour” in Beirut, Lebanon (class of 1996), he completed his medical school at USJ (St. Joseph University) and obtained his Medical Diploma in 2003. He then completed his general surgical training in New York, then his urology residency at the American University of Beirut AUB, and came to Loma Linda University Medical Center in California in July 2014, practicing Robotic Urologic surgery, and minimally-invasive endourologic surgery (Accredited EndoUrology and Robotic Fellowship). Dr.Khater is a lecturer and has travelled to several cities around the world to give conferences and podium presentations. He has numerous online publications as a first author in the field of Urology and likes academia, teaching residents and medical students.


Dr. Khater’s hobbies are classical piano (Diploma from the Conservatory), winter skiing, tennis, and traveling.


Dr. Khater is highly attached to his Lebanese roots and widely connected to the Jamhour Alumni, in addition to the USJ and AUB Alumni and the California Lebanese community, which will help him develop connections among young Lebanese professionals, university students and Lebanese families, fortifying their connections through the solid CLFW, to incite all Lebanese descendants to register in Lebanon and make sure they preserve their Lebanese heritage. 


Mira Merhi Khoury, DC

Mrs. Mira Merhi Khoury is the Advisor to the Executive Director who represents the Middle East countries on the Board of Directors at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Prior to joining the IMF in 2009, Mrs. Khoury worked for a year at the World Bank in Washington DC. Before moving to DC, she worked at the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade for more than 6 years, first as an economist and then as an advisor to the minister. Ms. Merhi graduated from Paris II Pantheon-Assas in 2000 with a master’s degree in International Economics. 

Julie Lattouf, MA

Born and raised in Massachusetts. She is a first generation Lebanese American. Both of her parents fled Lebanon in hopes of a better future and building a family. Growing up she would travel to Lebanon for a summer vacation to visit her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. At a very young age she was attached to the beautiful country her parents called home. She attended the University of Massachusetts Boston, studying Business Management and Marketing. Today, Julie is looking to develop her career and hope to return to Lebanon to open a business.


Attorney Charbel Moarbes, DC

Charbel Moarbes is the managing Partner of Moarbes LLP, a law firm with offices in Beirut, Washington, D.C., Panama and Mauritania. He is involved primarily in the representation of Fortune 500 companies, corporate clients and foreign sovereigns. His practice concentrates on international dispute resolution through international arbitration and litigation. He has substantial experience with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and its Additional Facility, other international arbitral proceedings involving States, as well as commercial arbitral fora including AAA/ICDR, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the London Court of International Arbitration. He holds a J.D. and LL.M. from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, coupled with a LL.M. from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. He is a frequent speaker on issues pertaining to international law and held conferences at the United-States Senate, the George Washington University Law School, American University Washington College of law and the American Society of International law. He is member of the New York and Beirut Bars. Mr. Moarbes is a board member of different organizations including Archeoact, Rifaq el Darb, Joy of Giving, Mauritanian Development Corporation, and Solidarius.


Charles-Henri Moarbes, CA

Charles-Henri Moarbes was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. After graduating from Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour, he moved to France to study Economics and received his Master's Degree in Economics from Université Paris-La Sorbonne. After a first job at Disney Channel in France, he started working for Marathon Media, a European leader in TV production. He spent 8 years in Paris working on various TV shows as a producer and writer. In 2012, Charles-Henri moved to Los Angeles, California, where he is currently working as a TV writer and show creator. Charles-Henri is a member of the French Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD) and an active member of the Emmys as well as the Writers Guild of America West. He is currently an active member of the Animation Writers Caucus Committee. 


Marwa Nouhra, FL

Marwa was born in Jbeil-Byblos, Lebanon. In 2001, when 8 years young, the whole family moved to the States. She lived in Boston, MA and was essentially raised in Tampa, FL after moving there a couple years later. She finished high school in 2008, studied as a Dental Assistant and graduated in 2010. Later, she became a Certified Orthodontic Assistant. Marwa's free time consists of volunteering and helping around, especially at Sts. Peter and Paul Mission-Tampa, from working with the kids, teaching Dabke, planning events, and being part of the Maronite Young Adults. Marwa's main objective, since her trip to Lebanon with CLFW (Class of Antoine Choueiry, 2014), is to educate, cherish, and fulfill her goal to voice out her pride in Lebanon and register all Lebanese descendants. 


Rita Saikali, CA

An Enthusiastic young woman from Mieh W Mieh, Lebanon, Rita grew up in Lebanon and moved the United States at the age of ten. Since then, she has been a California resident. Rita attended the University of California, Riverside and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an emphasis on Film. Currently, she is working on her own television show called “The Word With Rita” as well as a phone application called “IGOD Today”. Rita is heavily involved in Christian media and strives to spread the Good News to all who are in need of it.


Fady Talj, MD

Born in Beirut Lebanon in 1988 in a bomb shelter. Moved to Maryland U.S.A. at the age of ten. Graduated from University of Maryland in May 2012. Studied Social Psychology. Since then, traveled the world, and experienced many different cultures. He even taught English in China for half a year, then he realized that the more he travels, the deeper he falls in Love with Lebanon. Some places are just home.

Daniel Aboubechara
  • Daniel Aboubechara
  • Liyana Asmar
  • Audrey Bolus
  • Andre Chelala
  • George Chidiac
  • Miriam Chouki
  • Samanta ElAzzi
  • Farah ElKhazen
  • Natalie Ezzie
  • Carole Falugi
  • Peter Sayde

Young Professionals Support Committee (Joined in Summer 2015)

o      Daniel Aboubechara, CA

o      Liyana Asmar, OH

o      Audrey Bolus, AL

o      Andre Chelala, OH

o      George Chidiac, TX

o      Miriam Chouki, MA

o      Samanta Elazzi, CA

o      Farah ElKhazen, MA

o      Natalie Ezzie, MA

o      Carole Falugi, OH

o      Peter Sayde, IL

Daniel Aboubechara, CA

Daniel J Aboubechara is a first generation Lebanese American born in Sacramento, California in 1988. In 1996 his family moved to Lebanon to live in Zale for 5 years. During this time, his love for his home country grew, and he became attached to the family centered Lebanese communities. His family moved back to California in 2001. In 2006 he attended UC Davis where he studied Biochemistry and Physics as an undergraduate. He then continued his education at UC Davis and earned a MS in Nutrition. In 2012 he began his medical school education also at UC Davis. He will begin training focussed on pursuing a career in Interventional Radiology.

During the summer of 2015, he joined the Maronite Academy educational experience. Per Daniel: "This was one of the best experiences of my life. We visited some of the most sacred locations in Lebanon; places I was not able to visit while I lived in Lebanon. My love for Lebanon grew, and I developed a sense of responsibility to keep this beautiful country ours. As I take steps in advancing my career, Lebanon will always be on my mind and in my heart."

Liyana Asmar, OH


Audrey Bolus, AL


Andre Chelala, OH


George Chidiac, TX

George attends The University of Texas at Austin, seeking degrees in Business Honors, Finance, and Rhetoric & Writing. His parents immigrated from Zahle, Lebanon to his hometown of El Paso, TX. He wishes to become fluent in four languages while pursuing international business.

Miriam Chouki, MA


Samanta Elazzi, CA


Farah ElKhazen, MA



Natalie Ezzie, MA


Carole Falugi, OH

In 1993, Carole was born in Dayton, Ohio to her parents Michael and Jocelyne Falugi both of whom were born and raised in Lebanon. She attended Centerville High School and will graduate from The Ohio State University in May 2016 with a degree in Operations Management, International Studies with a focus on the Middle East, along with a minor in French. After graduation she accepted an offer to work for Amazon Co. beginning in July of 2016. She speaks English, French, and Lebanese Arabic. From a young age her Lebanese culture has been a very integral part of her life. From listening to Arabic musicians, to spending summers in Lebanon visiting family members, she has grown attached to her country. In the summer of 2015, she was granted the opportunity of being one of the 60 individuals from countries all over the world to participate in the Maronite Academy trip to Lebanon. As a U.S. representative she was able to listen to influential Lebanese speakers in the conferences she attended, visit beautiful historical Lebanese sites and learn about their significance, and meet lifelong friends. Back at The Ohio State University, she helped start and become the treasurer of The Lebanese Student Organization. With this position, she has been able to bring Lebanese students together at the university and educate students from different backgrounds of the Lebanese culture; its music, food, and dances. As a member of the Young Professionals Support Committee she hopes to continue to volunteer and work with the CLFW to register individuals of Lebanese descent in Lebanon and to work to ameliorate our country. 

Peter Sayde, IL